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 1 The Fan  -  Tony Scott
Best Fan
     Totally wack fame and dealing with fans - one in particular - ott
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 2 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider  -  Simon West
Best Cyber Chic
     Rad extreme costumes home adventure chic style ott clothes very very
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 3 The Birdcage  -  Mike Nichols
Best Sunset Club
     Outrageous camp fun frolick unforgettable beachside club in paradise - memory embed
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 4 Sleepy Hollow  -  Tim Burton
Best Dark Forrest
     Great costumes and drama in the dark woods with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci
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 5 Blue Lagoon: The Awakening  -  M Salomon, J Newsome, E Bross
Best With Indiana
     For fans ov Indiana Evans this is a real treat for 100 days - Watch on YouTube Movies
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 6 American Hustle (2013)  -  David O Russel
Best Hustle
     Gritty paced rad sly underhand great arthouse double flipper
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 7 American Beauty  -  Sam Mendes
Best Sleepover
     Sensual to say the least - very memorable, has that certain je ne sais quoi
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 8 Purple Rain (1984)  -  Albert Magnoli
Best Stage Chopper
     Prince - 'The Movie' - very sweet & fun to watch and feel you've at least seen it
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 9 Last Days (2005)  -  Gus Van Sant
Best Kurt
     Last days ov Kurt Cobain in the countryside - bleak and bare - extremely good
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 10 Revolver (2005)  -  Guy Ritchie
Best Con Man
     Independent review - one ov the best seen - confidance trickster with a secret formula
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 11 Lovelace  -  Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman
Best 'Actress'
     Amanda Seyfried is a great Linda Lovelace - historic time in the 'movie' industry
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 12 Star Trek Into Darkness  -  J. J. Abrams
Best Cyber Underwear
     Well made - just to see Alice Eve as Doctor Marcus is such a standout
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 13 Bad Times at the El Royale  -  Drew Goddard
Best Bad Things
     Truly bad - unbelievable how bad these people in hotel rooms really are - ott great
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 14 Dirty Harry  -  Don Siegel
Best Dirt
     Extreme un-western with Clint Eastwood - mad bad and rad (if you feel lucky)
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