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 1 Ingrid Goes West  -  Matt Spicer
Best Social Media Climber
     Instagram fan nightmare - and it was all so good - yeah sure it was
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 2 Twilight (2008)  -  Catherine Hardwicke
Best Vampires
     Ott first scenes ov Edward - best film ov the decade at that point - moody dark rad
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 3 Irrational Man  -  Woody Allen
Best Philosophy Ov Justification
     Love the philosophy professor - quintessential bleakness or existential misappropriation
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 4 Shutter Island  -  Martin Scorsese
Best Illusion
     Story unfolds into a new psycho story - all is not what it seems - rad
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 5 Buffalo '66  -  Vincent Gallo
Best Ballet Heist
     Needs a girlfriend standin, get's a full on arthouse road trip
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 6 Thelma & Louise  -  Ridley Scott
Best Surpirse Destination
     All going along fine, a breakaway road trip, bit quirky, then........
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